Enterprise Productivity App. Motivate Teams to Win Together

Keep teams engaged to achieve high levels of performance through collaboration, even when they’re remote

WeSoar Intro

Mobile-First Experience Keeps Teams Motivated and On-Track

Monitor performance, collaborate and recognise achievements with a light-touch style to keep teams productive. Check the pulse of the organisation with engagement surveys

Experience the Interface

Lead the Way with Agile Performance Management and Engagement

Features which enable teams to remove productivity blockers even if working from home (WFH) and optimise their time

Goal Alignment

Align and cascade organisational goals with team and individual objectives to show employees’ impact

Check-In and Engage

Keep in touch with individuals at the touch of a button and identify when to take action, helped by thoughtful nudges

Fast Feedback

Continuous feedback loops, recognition and support with alerts and quick social interactions in the flow of work

Real-Time Insights

See how teams collaborate and contribute towards organisational goals at a glance

Peer Motivation

Encourage peers to motivate each other with social features like recognition and collaboration

AI-Powered Analytics

Managers and employees track progress towards organisational goals in-app and on the go