We’ve long wondered what the future of work will look like. Then suddenly, the future was thrust upon us by situations completely outside our control! What began as a necessity to comply with regulations is rapidly becoming part of the norm. Data shows that at least some of the workforce will continue working remotely permanently while others will adopt a hybrid approach well into the foreseeable future.

Though there are many cost and work/life benefits to remote or hybrid work, employees also face challenges from distractions, limited face-to-face interaction, blurred lines between work and leisure, burnout, and so on.

As a thought leader in remote working, we’ve designed our framework to maximize remote work success by carefully addressing productivity blockers. Our research-proven solution can help your organization reach Peak Performance using a combination of Prioritization, Preparedness, and Partnership.

Eliminate Micromanagement Through Micro-Goals

Set micro-goals for employees to encourage continuous progress every day. Planning and prioritization free up employees and managers to focus on tasks rather than to be tangled up in a never-ending stream of progress meetings.

Continuous Feedback

Give and receive continuous feedback and generate great reports on demand, not just during annual reviews.


Share encouragement and appreciation, tag goals to colleagues, collaborate on projects, and unite the team wherever they may be using a transparent organizational social network.

Active Listening

Conduct agile employee performance ‘check-ins’ on demand and track the pulse of your organization with an always-on feedback platform.

WFH Surveys

Gain insight into employee attitudes surrounding work from home arrangements with our easy to use survey platform.

Motivation and Reduced Burnout

Keep employees on the right track with continuous engagement, gamified recognition, and peer-to-peer motivation.