#Changeisgood is our motto. However, change doesn’t always mean building something new from the ground up. We believe that legacy has a lot of value, but we also need to build on what legacy has taught us to create something brilliant and avoid becoming stagnant.

Challenging the status quo and rethinking old norms sometimes takes risk, but can lead to incredible results. Think of the way Netflix has changed the way we watch films, how Amazon has changed the way we shop, or how social media has changed the way we communicate. Changes like these have reshaped and improved the way we live life day to day. So why should the workplace remain the same as it always has been?

WeSoar is our attempt to create new-age HR. A platform that helps organizations rethink their approach to people management by adopting Agile HR methods based on cutting-edge technology and social media to improve employee experience throughout their lifecycle

Our global ‘Reimagining HR’ community unites leaders who share these ideals and are dedicated to creating positive change surrounding workforce productivity and employee happiness.

Global Perspectives

Connect with Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs), their leadership teams, and other likeminded professionals from around the globe.


Share your insights, gather feedback, and learn from others in a variety of industries and sectors.


Engage with WeSoar and the other community members about current problems and potential solutions. We often find that applying principles from completely unrelated fields can be an effective way to solve people problems!

Employee Experience

Create workplaces where employees turn up to work because they want to, not because they have to.

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