Optimise Team Performance

Check-in on team engagement and motivate employees to achieve peak performance with light-touch social interactions, all in a mobile app

What Is a ‘Social’ Performance Management App?

Boost Morale and Productivity

Quickly check progress, guide effective action, give timely feedback and leverage peer-to-peer engagement

  • Social Goals
  • Real-time Feedback
  • Check-ins

Mobile-First Performance Management

Improve the efficiency and agility of processes and systems, even when teams are remote working

  • Agile Performance Management
  • Nudge-based Actions
  • WFH Tool

Simplify Documentation

Automate documentation of feedback loops and develop strong team relationships, while saving time

  • HR-in-the-flow-of-work
  • Win Together
  • Improve Productivity

Manager Enablement

Enable managers to stimulate effective teamwork, hit targets and support career development with efficiency

Employee Motivation

Set clear and meaningful goals and tasks, leverage peer-to-peer networking to raise motivation and guide high performance

Data-Driven Insights

Real-time dashboards for senior leadership to enable data-driven decisions and people management

Balanced Scorecards and OKR

Use built-in Balance Scorecard Models or the OKR methodology to create and align goals

Social Performance Management

Chat, tag goals and recognise colleagues organisation-wide in-app

Real-Time and Agile Feedback

Check-in quickly and frequently and request feedback in one touch

Instant 360 Degree Feedback

Get immediate feedback on performance from across the organisation

Career Development Resources

Effective coaching frameworks and performance potential grids for managers

Organisation-Wide Talent Leaderboards

See top talent at a glance and motivate peer-to-peer recognition and support

See WeSoar In Action

See how WeSoar enables teams to achieve high performance and engagement

Consultancy and Change Management

Work with our partners to ensure successful adoption, remote or on site

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Social Performance Management

Improve productivity in your organisation using our peak performance methodology

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