Collaborate. Cascade. Communicate.

Perform in the flow of work.

We believe organisations and their employees can win together. Easy cascade of goals, regular progress updates, timely feedback and a collaborative approach enable organisations to achieve peak productivity. Our beautifully designed Performance Management platform uses Nudges and Neuroscience to drive behaviour changes in real but small steps and achieve optimal performance.

Balanced Scorecard and Objectives & Key Results (OKR)

Deploy the ready-to-use Balanced Scorecard or, depending on your company's philosophy, use OKRs. Our unmatched configurability allows you to manage performance your way, rather than within the constraints of system limitations.

Cascade & Alignment of Objectives

Align and focus the team’s energies in the same direction, achieve shared objectives, and win together with one-click cascade.

Social Performance Management

Connect and align with colleagues and collaborators outside of the reporting hierarchy by tagging goals via an organisational social network.

Real-Time Updates

Conduct agile employee performance ‘check-ins’ on demand and kick-start formal or informal performance improvement plans earlier than the annual review.

Continuous Feedback

Receive continuous feedback and great reports through a simple social media type interface.

Talent and Career Conversations

Improve employee effectiveness, strengthen alignment with company values, and facilitate conversations about career development through a simple to use coaching framework.

360 Degree Feedback

Collect holistic insights from a cross section of participants instantly through an always-on feedback functionality, and never miss the opportunity for positive reinforcement with Recognition built in.

AI-Powered Analytics

Track progress towards organisational goals in-app, no matter if you are in the workplace or on the go.