Action-focused. Comprehensive. On demand.

When employees feel connected to their organization and fulfilled by their work, strategic objectives are met more effectively; productivity increases, and company culture improves. Engagement is an intrinsic and individual experience for every employee and evolves over time. Our comprehensive action-focused AI platform makes it easy to keep a finger on the pulse of the organization and give employees a voice.

An Engagement Model Rooted in Neuroscience

Drill down into what ‘Fulfilment’ really means with a model that replicates the human brain and uses very strong “feeling” orientation in engagement questions to construct engagement from the inside out.

On-Demand Feedback

Give employees the chance to provide feedback when they want to rather than when it is requested of them with always-on surveys.

Mobile-First Platform

Access WeSoar wherever you may be with our mobile-first platform.

Active User Interaction

Dig deeper with follow-up questions and open up a dialogue with chatbot functionality.

Result Oriented

Create action-focused outcomes and change behaviour in small steps instead of through time-consuming action planning sessions.

Nudge-Based Action

Increase response rates, encourage further engagement, and save time with AI and machine learning driven nudges and reminders.

Survey Administration

Administer surveys in five easy steps. Almost all functionalities are self-service, allowing employees to participate whenever they desire.

In-depth Reporting

Equip your HR team with an exhaustive set of reports including heatmaps, manager reports, response rates, detailed overviews, and more. Respondent confidentiality is always fully preserved for privacy.

Change Management

Monitor progress with complete continuity over previous survey scores, receive comprehensive support on communication plans, and optionally train Line Managers.