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HR Tech Start-Up WeSoar Limited Reveal Results of Eye-Opening Survey on Working From Home

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way work is approached. With more people working from home than ever, WeSoar recently conducted a survey to get a pulse of how employees feel about this new situation.

May 14, 2020

With quarantines, stay-at-home orders, and social distancing being in place in nearly every major country, countless companies have shifted to having as many of their employees Working From Home (WFH) as possible. HR and business leaders predict that this remote working arrangement will go far beyond the current situation with a certain proportion of employees permanently working from home.

The big question many have is how people truly feel about these changes, their response to them, and thoughts on the future of work. Stepping up to shine a light in this area is Reading, UK-based HR technology startup WeSoar Limited. WeSoar recently published the results of a survey of 382 respondents working from home that was conducted in the last week of April 2020. The information shared in the survey is sure to be valuable to companies considering how to approach WFH both now and in the short and long term, during and after coronavirus.

“WFH is the biggest change at the workplace we are witnessing in this generation,” commented Nisheeth Pathak, Founder & CEO of WeSoar Limited. “We see profound implications on talent acquisition, long-term productivity, mental wellbeing, managing relationships, and even town planning and design of homes. However, the biggest mindset change that must happen for WFH to succeed is to replace time spent at work with results as the indicator of productivity.”

The overall results of the survey deliver the message that the majority of respondents have no problem working from home, or even prefer it. In fact, only 5% stated they truly miss the office. Two-thirds of workers are still able to feel connected to their team, a number likely to rise higher as more become comfortable with the technology that connects teams when WFH is in place. Most also feel they can maintain high performance while at home, especially if the proper systems are in place and the results looked for are clearly defined.

The final aspect explored, which can certainly help HR teams as they structure WFH parameters, is a look at the biggest productivity blockers that are experienced or anticipated when working from home. The three most important factors that inhibit optimal performance are distractions of various kinds, lack of face-to-face interactions and an overload of meetings and calls, both scheduled and unscheduled. Some of the inhibitors are lockdown related and likely to be automatically solved once the situation returns to normal, but others require long term change in how we organize our lives and redefined ways of working fit for sustainable remote working.

WeSoar has the mission to increase workforce productivity and employee happiness. Its product is based on the four pillars of Neuroscience, Behavioural Economics, Positive Psychology and AI and brings a completely new perspective to how workplace productivity is looked at. WeSoar is a mobile and cloud first platform that strives to “forever change the way the world interacts with HR”.

The full survey results can be explored at the WeSoar website.

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